O-inc 2002-2009 | Collaboration project by Antonia Rossi, René Valenzuela, Oscar Raby and Hernán Rivera Luque

O-inc engaged in the development of artistic practices and endeavors associated with meaningful, emotional, and cultural production. It defines contexts in relation to experiential subjects, focusing not solely on the creation of specific objects, but primarily on the cultivation of dynamic effects that circulate: effects imbued with significance (whether symbolic or emotional). Their value lies not merely in the shape or appearance they adopt at a particular instance, but rather in the realm of intensities within which they evolve and originate.

O-inc holds the perspective that art production can be situated within the realm of action encompassing any other productive endeavor. Its domain of manifestation exists within the public domain and the social sphere, delineated by the interactions of exchange. In contemporary societies, this sphere is thoroughly shaped by economic-productive activities, whereby the governance of social exchange regulations is determined.